Initial consultation £50 which includes a CD/MP3 + information pack, wherein I explain how hypnotherapy works, followed by:

Hourly sessions face to face £50

Online Zoom sessions £50

One session (1.5 – 2 hours) for Smoking Cessation £120, having had an initial consultation the week before. Occasionally more general sessions are needed before smoking cessation if client is feeling low in mood or stressed.

Payment accepted as cash or bank transfer. Bank transfers are to be made in advance of each session please.

Average amount of sessions needed (everyone is different though)

8 – 12 weekly one hour sessions for low mood/anxiety.

Average 4 sessions for a phobia .

Concessions available when needed​.

I work from a lovely therapy room at home next to a beautiful nature reserve.

Home visits are not available.

I only work with clients aged from 16 and above.

When Working With More Complex Mental Health Issues

When working with issues such as self harming, suicide ideation and others diagnoses, it takes more time to dedicate to the client outside of the hourly sessions. I need to liaise regularly with the GP and consultant psychiatrist, as well as spending time writing out safety plans and care plans etc.

As this requires a lot more time, I adjust the fee accordingly for time taken, which is charged at £50 per hour as and when required. This will be built into your weekly invoice as and when necessary.

As a hypnotherapist, I have a professional obligation to report to relevant authorities any concerns if I believe the client may be intending to cause harm to themselves, myself or others.

Code of Practice

An effective Solution Focused Hypnotherapist will. . .

  • Ensure confidentiality.
  • Will take as few sessions as possible.
  • May increase your self confidence and independence, and help you feel better after every session.
  • May assist you to develop your social skills so that your needs for affection, friendship, pleasure, intimacy, connection to the wider community – can be better fulfilled.
  • May help you draw and build on your own resources (which may prove greater than you thought).
  • May teach you to relax deeply.
  • May help you think about your problems in new and more empowering ways.
  • Uses a wide range of techniques as appropriate.
  • Knows how to build rapport quickly with distressed people.
  • May encourage you to practice relaxation tools between sessions – e.g breathing,  colour techniques, anchoring etc.