Initial Consultation Information

Clare - Obelisk HypnotherapyThe first thing I will do is to gather some information about you and fill in a form. I will explain how the brain/mind works, especially in relation to the issue(s) which you have come with.

I will explain the importance of good REM (rapid eye movement) sleep in order to empty our (metaphorical) ‘stress bucket’.  Most people find this extremely interesting and enlightening, and it can really help you to understand why you are suffering.

I will also ask you what your best hopes are from having hypnotherapy. I will then tell you how many sessions you will probably need so you know what to expect. Please feel free to ask as many questions as you wish. By having an understanding of how hypnotherapy works, you will gain a lot more from it.

I will give you a free relaxation CD or MP3 recording and ask that you listen to this at bedtime.  This will help you to get used to my voice and what it feels like to become deeply and very pleasantly relaxed and go into a natural trance – we trance just before we fall asleep. The CD/recording will help you to sleep better. Trance is a very pleasant safe state, that we all go into many times a day such as daydreaming, being on ‘automatic pilot’, perhaps when watching TV or reading a book. In trance I will talk to your subconscious mind, which drives 90% of our behaviours, while your conscious mind often drifts off to another place. You are in control at all times and nothing takes place which you are not comfortable with.  

Deep relaxation naturally leads to hypnosis with my voice. You allow this lovely feeling to happen naturally and easily whilst listening to my voice guiding you with gentle music in the background. Many people say they don’t want to return to full wakefulness at the end of the session, because it feels so very nice.

The week after the initial consultation is when the couch sessions start and the hypnotherapy commences. From then on I will see you at weekly intervals for the first few weeks, and sessions may then go to every fortnight when you are progressing well.

Please allow a good hour for the initial consultation.


While hypnotherapy has many beneficial effects, it is not a substitute for appropriate medical or psychological evaluation or treatment. Always consult a physician if suffering from mental or physical illness (such as psychosis or epilepsy) before using hypnosis. Results may vary from person to person.