“After 8 months of trying to conceive following a miscarriage, I attended a relaxation evening with Clare and ovulated for the first time the following day… And conceived!! I then began hypnobirthing sessions with Clare, which resulted in me sleeping well at night throughout my pregnancy and having a pain free, albeit long and intense, labour. I have no doubt this all helped me to be a happy mum right from the very early days. I cannot thank Clare enough. I really feel that her previous experience as a nurse enhanced the effectiveness of the hypnobirthing sessions and resulted in such a positive outcome.”

“Before I met Clare I hadn’t been feeling well for several months. I had had many scans and tests, X-rays and other investigations without any progress towards health. I thought that hypnosis might help me since my husband had this at his dentist and it worked for him, and a friend who had a phobia was cured of her fear. I have had 8 sessions with Clare all via Zoom. I had not encountered Zoom before but it works well. I am now 90% better emotionally than I was before I had Clare’s help. My physical pain is much reduced and my stress levels are now low, very low. My sleep pattern has improved, having not slept well for years I am now sleeping well it’s lovely. I feel positive and can recognise the good things in my life which seemed to slip into the background when I was so stressed. Clare’s hypnosis sessions have benefited me enormously and I am so pleased about it all.” KG

“Yesterday went amazingly in the hospital! I had to wait about 3 hours after arrival and I just used my breathing exercises and mindfulness and was super chilled and relaxed. (My wife was more stressed than I was). Then I had the cannula put in and I didn’t even flinch or notice it really. This is such a change, I can’t even tell you….it has been one of my greatest fears for pretty much all my life that I would get ill and need a cannula, and now that fear has just evaporated. I can’t even imagine what all the fuss was about in my head. I could almost cry with the relief of it!”

“Hypnotherapy has really helped me and I was dubious at first! It’s given me the tools to help myself and I’m extremely grateful for it!” LL

“My sleep pattern has changed and I no longer lay awake for hours in the night. My confidence is returning now and I am experiencing a release of tension (caused by my health issues and grief). I cannot thank Clare enough for the benefits that I have received through her. She is an angel. Truly.” JM

“I feel much calmer and able to deal with my health problems. Wish I had tried therapy years ago!” RH

​“I think that everything is done well. Although I would like another relaxation CD to buy. It has changed my life significantly, improved me as a person. It has taught me how to look after myself. I always recommend it, to anyone who will listen! Clare is not only a great hypnotherapist but great and very caring person.” ER

“It has really built up my confidence and helped me get back to doing the things I used to do, like swimming/shopping alone etc. It has also given me so many resources to relax and calm myself down if I do get anxious or panicked, like the breathing and colour techniques. Much of this has also come from being able to change a negative mindset to a positive mindset which I have learned from hypnotherapy. It made me realise the areas of my life I needed to change, so I quit my job and have got another one I really enjoy.” LS

“I went to Clare for around 8-9 hypnotherapy sessions spread over a few months. I am now in a completely different place – both physically and in mind. I had severely dented confidence; a ‘clouded mind’ which didn’t allow me to think positively and this affected all aspects of my life – work and play. I chose hypnotherapy with a view that I would eventually feel more confident and allow me to think more positively in order to achieve all of my long-term goals. I don’t regard hypnotherapy as a ‘quick fix’ – it’s not a short-term solution like a pill, but rather it equips you with a toolset to help change aspects of your life. Of most use to me was being able to appreciate the smaller, sometimes mundane tasks in life and seeking achievement in even these things inherently instills a positive mind-set. I have used this to achieve all my long-term goals: a new and very loving relationship: going on a holiday of a lifetime: getting a new job: and buying a new home. All of these things were a pipe dream when I first started hypnotherapy, now I have achieved them all!” NK 

“Once again another part of my life has fallen back into place. The last couple of years I have only had the energy to go to the day time performances at the festival. Well this time I had the motivation and energy to go to evening performances, and even though I had three late nights, I felt bright and happy the next day. Just doing this has made a huge difference to my attitude to going out again in the evenings. The hypnotherapy sessions together with your CD’s have made such a difference to me and I would and do recommend this therapy to others.” SG

“I’m 6 months free now from cigarettes and I owe you a massive thank you for all your help and how you helped me turn my life around.  Thank you! xxxxxxx” GR

“The initial consultation was brilliant. Hypnotherapy was completely unknown to me and you gave a very clear explanation of what would happen throughout the course of the sessions. I particularly enjoyed the illustrations of the different parts of the brain and how it works as this enabled me to instantly see where my problem lay. The premises are perfect. I instantly relaxed when I met you and the treatment room is wonderfully calming. I espeicially enjoyed the essential oils that you gave me each week to smell, they became a very familiar smell and, over the next few days, I could smell the oils when feeling stressed and the smell would carry me back to your relaxing room! You are exceptionally professional and very caring. I think the fact that you have hypnotherapy yourself makes you seem more human and like the rest of us! Nobody is immune from stress and this gives you a greater sense of empathy when dealing with other people’s stresses and anxieties. Hypnotherapy has made me realise the power of the mind. Although I initially visited you for a specific problem, I can apply all the tools you have supplied me with to any aspect of my life that causes me stress. I think I am a calmer person as a result of hypnotherapy. ” JA

“I was very sceptical but Clare sorted out my long running sleep problems very quickly. I now sleep virtually all night almost every night. Miraculous is not too strong a description.” ML

“Here I am in sunny Spain thank to you. I had a really relaxing flight over I could even say enjoyable!!!! Thank you so much I couldn’t have done it without you, I thought I would let you know how much you have helped me. I used my relaxation CD which helped me. Thank you once again Clare.” RA

“Since starting Solution Focused Clinical Hypnotherapy I have made rapid and quite remarkable progress in overcoming my negative thought patterns and anxieties”. SG

“Clare has a calming air and manner.  The therapy delivered never failed to leave me feeling more positive and better able to cope.  It enables me to look more into the future, be more positive about myself and the good things about me.  My self- esteem has benefited enormously”.  LM

“It’s helped me be more confident and learn about the panic attacks and how to control them.  I used to be very frightened about my mental state but not anymore. Thank you for helping me feel like a Client and not a Patient”.  AD

“The Initial Consultation was good and it helped me understand how the Hypnotherapy works”.  BF

“It’s been a long time, so I thought I’d pop you an email to let you know just how much you helped me. I’ve now applied for Uni to study Psychology, I have three offers already.  I did get back into the Judo for a little, while helping with the schools junior group. I haven’t had a single panic attack in months now! I got myself another part time job, in a care home – its lovely there.  As well as all this, I’m giving a presentation to medical staff in a hospital in a few weeks.  I’ve also done filming for the council about what a young carer’s job is. I listen to the relaxation CD every night which is helping me loads.”  AD   –  (Around a year after hypnotherapy course)

“I have been able to cut down on my pain killing tablets at night due to the fantastic help with relaxation Clare taught me.  I sleep so much better as a result and this has decreased my Fibromyalgia pain in general”.  JD

“I am now looking forward to my second month without smoking.  Thank you so much for your wisdom, expertise and friendliness.  Family and friends are amazed, as is the medical profession, that I have achieved ‘The Impossible’ after a lifetime of slavery. I now feel more positive, calmer and hopeful for my tomorrows”   HP

“Clare’s Hypnotherapy helped me have an MRI Scan after being unable to tolerate it previously.  She helped me in my hour of need”.  PH

“I no longer experience stress now.  If something annoys me I do something about it straight away.  I am far more confident and seem to be far more popular.  An unexpected benefit is that I have been able to stop long term use of laxatives and anti-depressants”.  SD

“I have more energy and motivation. My headaches seem to have disappeared”.  TB

“Dearest Clare –  We’ve just finished our session. I cannot tell you how blessed and uplifted I feel when i connect with you for my therapy. It is nurturing and healing me, it is truly a gift that is protecting me as I try to transition back to being the authentic, healthy me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul. You are an “Angel on Earth”. Sending love light and gratitude.” DW